Roger McGuire

Irish folk and ballad singer from Wexford, Ireland

A little about me

 Welcome to my site. I am an Irish folk/ballad singer from Wexford in the south-east of Ireland. I am a multi-instrumentalist and a singer. I am also a recording engineer and do all of my own recording & mastering.
I have been performing live shows now for close to 20 years & I still enjoy every minute of it. There's nothing like that "buzz" you get when an audience joins in with your singing!!
I have lived in Wexford town all of my life & it's a place I dearly love. In fact, if you're not from Ireland & you are ever thinking of visiting our country, I would urge you to include Wexford to your won't be disappointed.
I hope you enjoy browsing my site, looking at the videos and photos and perhaps purchasing some of my music in my shop.
Thanks again for taking the time to visit. As you can see on the side of the page there are a number of ways to keep in touch.








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